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Pete Drew A great band with some really awesome riffs and songs. Favorite track: 2012.
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This is my life in 11 tracks. Recorded on my laptop where ever I could call home at the time.


First I want to thank God for everything, Mom, Ihab, and Dad, My Gma, Kelly and Cleoria Smith, Tarina and James Pace, Tresma Scullawl, Stephanie and Claudia Parris; for showing support and love, Jessica Stalls, Travis Orbin for being awesome and showing me what a real musician is. lol, Jeff Burletson, Lynsy Patterson, Vincent "Brutal Bear" King for being my voice, Brady Scott, Roma Ivakov, and Tyler "Nuke" Barnett, You guys are my bro's and I am glad to have you as part of the ASKAA family. Wilson and Markie Phillips, Audrey Graham, Steven Walker, Jared Van Brunt-You have been a huge help, more than you will ever know, Luke and Lori Nagel, Chris and Ashley Cole, Josh Williams, Ben Yard, Chris Purvis, Tony Marshall, Chris Barreto, Rowdy and Jessica Ring, Michael Herman, Alex Brolo, Robert Brown, Jacqueline and Dominique Falk, Spencer Sotelo, Alex Boise, Jose Flores, Mikey Montgomery, Joe Angelo DiRusso, all the guys at You all helped me in this one way or another, and i greatly appreciate you all.

God, grandma, mom and dad, Mike and my closest friends. (you know who you are.)


released November 13, 2012

Music and Lyrics by Ronn Parris*
Vocal Performces by Vincent King and Tyler Barnett*
Produced Mixed and Mastered by Ronn Parris

* drums by Travis Orbin on "We are only human"
"NAO" co-written with Chris Purivs
Vocal appearance by Sierra Hopper on "Sinner"
impersonation at the end of "Vice Versa" by Kelly Smith
background music for "Vice Versa" skit, "Don't Stop til you get enough" by Michael Jackson



all rights reserved


A Sinner Kissed An Angel Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Sinner Kissed An Angel Started as a solo project by Ronn Parris

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Track Name: We Are Only Human
We are only humans
Track Name: 2012
2. 2012

You know the end is near...
It's not the end of the world,
It never was the end of the world,
Once again our dreams are closing in,
the dread has never seemed so clear,
step back in time to see the faded line,
this day was not meant to cause fear,
the dates aligned,
the arbitrary calendar system,
I'm the fear that's in your hearts and minds,
used to fuel the wretched deception,
I am always there,
even though you can't see me,
we are never apart,
even in your dreams,
Thought by thought our dreams are closing in,
this is no fifth of November,
with closed eyes wake up to find,
it's the twenty first of December,
and should the world truly end,
and we're all wiped off the grid,
are you prepared to live in your next life,
in your next life,
Track Name: Sinner
Betrayed by the stars you've wished on,
wish you could save by the scars that you have done,
if you want to sit on the sidelines hoping,
then you're better off bound and broken,
do what I say,
just shut up and go,
not what they say,
just shut up and go,
war that's to be one,
not the only one,
just turn the page and your pain will be erased,
you can be anything,
even everything,
a right that's been given to you,
just what you need,
the worms beneath,
is only for you to uncover,
don't be afraid,
don't close your eyes,
this is the end of your simple life,
this is a sin,
of not following your dreams,
you will be lost alone and broken,
with no one to hear you scream,
don't just try,
initiate your thoughts into reality
if you want your life to be...(anything)
Track Name: The Unknown
I can't stop I feel your words flow through my veins,
you can't stop and just hear my heart beating,
I'm sick and tired of the depression-oppression,
from the fear you've been feeding,
to the edge of the world we fight to say our souls,
let's take this light to ignite the inferno,
don't waste your life,
use your strife to feed your mind,
figure out things you don't know,
you can hate all you want to,
hate me,
disintegrate if you choose to,
not me,
we've been at it for years,
it's time to let your love come through,
they say that we fear the unknown,
that doesn't mean that we have to,
take control of your existence,
and let your light shine through,
Track Name: NAO
take your pride away from me,
your stupid games I will not play,
your sky will fall down to crush you,
every time I see your face,
I want to crush it ever so gently,
your blood will flow down,
cause I can't stop now,
I can't stop,
I won't stop,
and still you push me,
counting the times you've screwed me over,
all the lies you've said to me,
and still you push me,
all the tears from breaking down,
I've lived my life in oppression,
so i ask myself this question,
what makes you think you can do this,
you're not getting away with it this time,
come again and I'll break them bones,
try again and I'll take your soul,
back off,
just stay out of my life,
your not getting away with this again,
you're not getting away with it this time,
it's what you wanted
Track Name: The Eye of Horus
I am always confused,
about everything,
but then I realized why I'm still standing here
my mind is gone again,
your referendum to me is a sin,
don't propose to me that my life can't be something more,
we're not awe-some,
we're awe-many,
I've got the guts to make my dreams my reality,
we're not awe-some,
we're awe-many,
don' let your life go by,
you'll live life in regret,
what if you reach your end,
and there's no solution,
you'll die alone in a fit of confusion,
Jesus Christ didn't die for us to live life as a slave,
through his name all things are possible,
if you proclaim then you'll be unstoppable,
fill your life with passion and faith,
make everybody remember your name,
Track Name: Beautiful Sin
Track Name: Vice Versa
what is salvation,
is something you truly believe in,
is it what you seek,
or is it something designed for the week,
I believe it's deliverance from sin and all it's consequences,
or preservation,
from harm, ruin, or loss,
before you answer me there's something you should know,
blood was shed for your victory,
a life time to be shown,
I hope you know that this war isn't over,
that it has only begun,
once evil becomes sin,
you shall answer to no man,
I hope you know there's a price for existence,
a price you have to pay,
I hope these words burn in your soul,
the only way is through his name,
Track Name: Forgiveness
Where were you,
when you left me alone,
all by myself in this broken home,
did you think I was supposed to raise myself,
now that I did I made it through hell,
you brought these tears through alcoholic indulgence,
playing games and running tricks with emotions,
why did you just abandon me,
is this the way it was suppose to be,
you worship needles like I worship crosses,
can you proclaim that you know who your god is,
break down these walls that you've built for me,
I once was blind but now I can see,
ripped apart from the insides i bleed,
this cage inside my false reality,
i use to think I could make it as real as I can,
without a thought, a prayer, or even a plan,
you're the one who was taken from me,
you're the one who took these feelings I need,
with these three words I'll try to change out world,
this time it's time to start anew,
I forgive you,
it's time to rebuild,
rebuild on what's forgotten,
piece by piece we'll try to live again,
once loves begotten,
I can't remember the last time that I felt so alive,
living life with so much resentment and pain,
was sure to consume my pride,
people tell me that saying sorry is for the weak,
but thanks to the man up stairs,
I learned to turn the other cheek,
now you're ready to take on the world,
I still love you.
Track Name: Thunderbuddies
why can't we just let things go,
why must we dwell on the past,
never grateful for what we have,
you know this songs for you,
your wish will never come true,
if you refrain from moving forward,
you'll stay frozen in time,
hindered greatly from mistakes you've made,
all your feelings bottled up inside,
it's time to let it go,
forget everything you think you know,
come with me,
reach for the moon if you want it,
never let them say that you can't have it,
this song's for you,
beaten and broken down,
just your tears are breaking the silence,
trust me you're not alone to your feelings,
and your wall comes crashing down,
piece by piece I'll build you up,
I'll make you sturdy and stronger,
unless you decide to give up,
life without purpose is time without meaning,
Track Name: Karnage
How do you wanna die tonight,
would you prefer in your sleep,
I'm the fear of letting go,
the pain that brings you to your knees,
and the chaos it grows inside my mind so don't forget to breath deep,
I'm gonna make you burn and then drown,
your only safety is to stay awake,
because If you think your nightmares were bad,
I'll show you dreams that you never had,
and just when you start to think that it was over,
I'll jump out and tear off your face,
and I'll do it with so much grace,
with each thought of giving up,
I'll start it all over,
And the deaths will grow and grow
until the scent covers up your failure,
I'll use my teeth to tear through the flesh,
and I'm not stopping on any layers,
if you had not gave up on yourself,
then none of this would even be,
I'm gonna make you burn and then drown,
your only safety is to stay awake,
if you give up on your dreams,
I'll make it where you;ll never dream again,
if you find it hard to believe,
I hear it's hard to dream when your dead.